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Only .325 BTC and you can upgrade to all 10 levels.

Level Members Donation Total Days Active BTC/mo
1 3 0.055 0.165 60 0.0825
2 9 0.05 0.45 60 0.225
3 27 0.045 1.215 60 0.6075
4 81 0.04 3.24 30 3.24
5 243 0.035 8.505 30 8.505
6 729 0.03 21.87 30 21.87
7 2187 0.025 54.675 30 54.675
8 6561 0.02 131.22 15 262.44
9 19683 0.015 295.245 15 590.49
10 59049 0.01 590.49 15 1180.98
TOTAL 88572 0.325 1107.08 2123.115

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