About Us

About Us

We are like you. We want financial security and we want to help others in the same way we want to be helped. We are hard working and have strong spirit.

We tried these online donation programs and we saw some problems. We saw that people don't want to donate at higher levels because it costs so much.

Then we hit on the idea for Coin4All. A program that can work for all of us. We came up with the idea to reduce payments as you donate at higher grades.

No more barriers for people to consider higher grade donations. No more people dropping out because it's not affordable.


We're not huge network marketers. We've dabbled here and there in various programs. We're quick learners and highly creative and problem solvers. We are a designer, a programmer, and a small business owner who came together around what we think is a brilliant idea. Building on the success of other programs like Zarfund and Crowdrising, we think we have the perfect system that solves all the problems we've seen. 

Coin4All is here to stay! Coin4All is coins for Life! Success has never been so easy!